9 November 2011

Day 38: I am behind on my posts! Trying the catch up!

Day 38. Up early for the 7am Hatha class as I had a work event in the evening. As I am nearing the end of the challenge one thing I know for sure, I will continue doing yoga. However, I will NOT be getting up early for yoga. Once I am up it's all fine. I like the darkness and calm of the new day but the actually getting up part. I hate it with a passion only felt against world problems much larger than me being a lazy shit who loves her sleep.

The instructor had a really annoying voice too! I feel mean but it was like her "soothing" voice was totally put on. She was calm and breathy and it all felt a bit dramatic. Though it was early and I wad sore from a weekend hike so I just tried to zone out and stretch how I could considering my whole body felt stiff.

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