16 July 2007

Cádiz Weekend

Word was out that last weekend was going to be the hottest of the season and seeing as it had been 42 degrees all week not one single soul in Sevilla fancied a weekend of not being able to leave the house. So we, along with every other person in Sevilla headed for the beach. Mass exodus! We stayed at the family holiday apartment of my friend Isabel which is in Cádiz and is right in front of the main beach with amazing views! See below....Oh the fresh sea breeze!

The whole "posse" came, our little couples posse that consists of Isabel & Domingo (they recently got married), Maria & Miguel (uni friends of Isa & Domingo´s) and of course Marcos and I. We regularly get together the 6 of us to takes turns cooking a big feast of exotic cuisine and drink lots of vino, they are a fun crowd. ..............................................................................................................
Here we all are at my place a few months ago eating in our little little patio with the new ikea chairs! 5euros each! bargain!

So we were pretty much relaxing on the beach the whole time, (why do I never get a tan below the knee or under my eyes? its a bit freaky really, a beautiful blotchy red tan everywhere else except for under eyes and below the knee. puzzling)
we did go to this cool restaurant called "la gorda te da de comer" which means "fatty feeds ya" cool name. Fun times!
Only 2 weeks to go till we have a week off, we are going to Portugal with Rohan and Brooke who are coming from Bristol ready for some beach action...its too damn hot to do anything else. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

11 July 2007

Little Niece or Nephew

My sister teeny is having a BEBE!!!!! Here is the first pic of it to prove its existence, To most it looks like a big blob, but to the loving mother who clearly has superhero vision the baby has its 5 fingers spread out in front of its little baby alien face. Clearly to the loving aunty (me) its high fiving and saying whatsup??!!

10 July 2007

OMG Nightology was so much fun!

You know its gonna be a big night when you get picked up by someone who has a loud speaker in her car…. God knows where she got it from!

The party was in a hotel near the train station in Sevilla. Marcos, me, Amy (my American friend, word up Amy, she is bitter she never gets mentioned in my blog!) and crazy as a firecracker Lola who works with Marcos. The party was put on by J&B whiskey, and although I am not generally keen on whiskey its amazing what a couple of complementry drinks can leave you a taste for! Viva Whiskey!

Who is this bitch that my boyfriend is kissing. Oh its Amy, my american friend that is bitter that she never gets mentioned in my blog, and now the bitch is getting it on with Marcos. I´m gonna smack that bitch out.

So there were a few bigger rooms opened up for the bar and dancefloor, but then there were 2 floors of just normal hotel rooms, some of them were empty where you could just chill on the comfy beds and some of them had crazy things in them. Everyone was in a crazy mood, everyone friendly at chatty. here are some examples of the hotel rooms.

Pic.1 One of the rooms had a mariachi band, they were my favourite, they started up a crazy mexican tune and people went crazy.

Pic. 2 A gingerbread Man! He gave out ginergerbread men to snack on an dang they were tasty!

Pic. 3 A man dressed up as a tree. He was funny, maybe we were very drunk by this stage but he bounced on the bed with us.

Pic 4. Lets hope they were "actors" but poor granny and grampy´s much needed Zzz´s were interupted by crazy partygoers pumped up on whiskey. Lucky they had a truckload of pills on their bedside table to keep them drugged up and chilled out.

Pic. 5 Me with a pretty japanes lady who looked like a statue she was holding that poker face so damned still.

Pic. 6 The spanish people were spun out by this bloke who i later found out was one of spain most infamous criminals - Diony. He robbed one of those cars that take money to the banks. he was later caught and did 10 years in prison but not before he lived it up 1 year in Brazil spending all the money!!! I had a big long chat to him telling him i was from OZ and making him tell me the story. I asked him if he knew who Ned Kelly was and he didn´t.

There was a part where these crazily dressed queens were doing crazy hairstyles on people. They did one on Lola, lucky bitch (or perhaps unlucky depends which was you look at it, she spent 1 hour in the shower the next day trying to get it all out, and not only was she hungover she was V late for work!)

Here we are, Lola and I dancing with Elvis and Marcos and I wearing our flickering light rings. Peace Out.

This is one of my fav pics of Marcos EVER! They had this room with this big screen and this box you had to scream in to put your face on the person. The person would then cut some very daggy (uncool for the non aussies) dance moves on the screen with your face on it! Fun!

This is what whiskey does to you kids. Not very fresh looking faces after all the fun and games were over.

3 July 2007


J&B Nightology electric hotel, the new and suprising summer J&B event, will tour Lisbon, Sevilla, Madrid, Barcelona A Coruña Valencia during June, July & August. A unique and unrepeatable event, where reality and fiction meet. Extravegant characters, unexpexted situations and moments convert the rooms of each chosen hotel into an unforgettable experience.

Am very excited cause we have been trying for the past month to win tickets to this party Nightology Electric Hotel, its a party put on by J&B whiskey, you can only win tickets by getting codes when you buy a J&B whiskey at certain events in bars around Spain, with which you have to go online and entre in your code and see if you win. The website is an amazing 3D hotel which you can also navigate like a game, collecting points until they give you a code to try your luck. Its quite addictive considering we don´t even know where the "electric hotel" is going to be and don´t really know what its going to be like. All we know is that its a hotel with 200 rooms to party. It sounds like fun to me. When you win, you get 2 tickets, there is 4 of us who want to go, a few weeks ago we won 2 tickets and then just last weekend we won the other 2 - just in the nick of time. we are so excited! Its on Thursday (weird!) and we have just found out the location today, it seems to be in a 5 star hotel not far from the train station..... I´ll be updating soon with photos!