21 November 2006

Welcome to earth cute little happy alien!

My friends Tula & Mark just had a baby. They named him Zac. He is very newborn, very cute and very alien like. But look....he is smiling, I am sure at this age a smile like that usually is followed by a fart or poo but lets not talk about that, lets just talk about happy things, the wonders of life and why this baby has so much damn hair!

New Pink Shoes

here is a picture of my new running shoes. I think it the first pair of real sport shoes I`ve had since i was about 12, and I think they were the brand "apple pie" god I loved those shoes.

Being a runner can be confusing for my image. Today I said to Marcos "I feel like a rum" and he said "OK lets go, get your shoes on" "No, not a RUN", I said, "RUM" He was slightly disappointed at the mis-directed enthusiasm. Rum is the new Vodka, don`t worry, not the bundy rum type of stuff, more like a sweet Cuban Rum called Legendario, that is steeling my heart away from my 10 year vodka relationship.

I taught Marcos a new word the other day, slightly made up by me and one that is bringing a cold sweat to his mothers brow. Its.. "clean dirty" Its basically when something comes out of the dishwasher with some hardened unknown substance, you can´t actually say that its still dirty cause the "dirty" has theoretically been cleaned by the dishwasher so surely any germs have been fought. Therefore although the item is dirty, its actually clean dirty and can still be used without worry of contamination or infection. Thats my opinion anyway, Marcos was disgusted at first but now the term is really catching on.

Exactly 1 month to go till I´m coming home.... Yipppeeeee!!!!!

Farewell (soon) Palacio

Well I am still living in my apartment...not for long though. We were supposed to move out cause the landlords girlfriend got a job in Sevilla. The landlord keeps a "zulu" next to our apartment, which is basically a box room with a bed & bathroom, which he uses when he is in town. So the girlfriend was staying in that until we moved out.... THEN plans changed the day she told her boss "que te jodas" which is a friendly "go f*ck yourself". Understandably she lost her job. So after that we were told we didn´t have to rush so much to move out. We have decided to stay till we leave for OZ (1 month aaargh!!!!!!!) Here is a little pic of the traditional andalucian courtyard that is outside my front door. I sit in here with a little chair to steal internet from someone in the building... Its very pretty and I will miss it when we go.... Farewell Palacio....