29 September 2006

Numero Uno

I´ve started a blog. I know its very self important, but I´m pretty bored at work and I thought it would be a fun way to waste time.

The news from this end is that tonight i am running a 12km race along the Guadalquivir River here in Sevilla. I must have rocks in my head I know, I am being forced into it...it started off as something fun to do, but now Marcos has turned into a full on sportsman monster. He is acting like my trainer and am sure will be met with bitter disappointment when his protege stops halfway through with a "fuck this shit, I´m stopping for a bevvie". I´ll let you know if I am taken to hospital.

In further news, no doubt I will be horizontal for the rest of the weekend wishing for some tigerbalm to drop from heaven, until on Sunday my very good friend Joshua Monaghan and his lady friend arrive to stay with me for a couple of weeks. Am always very excited when an aussie comes to visit so i can pretend I am still in australia and we´ve just taken a holiday to Newcastle or something. (hence the change in landscape). We will probably take a trip to Portugal, cause its not like I haven´t been there 1000 times before but hey its a cool place and gotta show the aussie´s a good time.

Much Love!