30 September 2008

Unemployment....and the snail family.

I really should be blogging more. I am unemployed after all. I got fired. It happened a couple of months ago. Long story short, my boss was a tool burger. I was working crazy un-necessary hours, working till 6am just cause your bosses have a presentation the next day (that I had to prepare) and at midnight they are still arguing over the content (only starting to brainstorm the content at 11pm) doesnt maketh for a happy workplace. Boss turns up at 4pm most days, with "urgent" work that is due the following day etc etc We have a meeting, everyone is pissed. the bosses say if you dont like it then fuck off. They say "no es justo pero es lo que hay" Its not fair but its what there is. I suggest that we need to be compensated for our overtime with corresponding days off/free hours at the end of the project to encourage not taking advantage of our time. The boss says "when I worked in New York I´d be in the office all night long" This is NOT fucking New York dickhead and maybe if you didnt spend so much time in the office you would be able to distinguish between the two cities, loser. My workmate called them franco era facists. She got fired too.

I am claiming unemployment benefits which you get for a percentage of the amount of time you have been working. For me, thats 4 months worth of unemployment benefits and almost the same pay as I was getting when I worked. So its holidays till November....

The snail family is still alive! It must be said that liquid paper does not kill snails. Seville has just had a lot of rain and the snails have been out like crazy. We´ve seen many of the old little guys that haven´t been seen for ages. Whitey, if you remember, was the one we painted all white. He´s gotten so much bigger and isnt so much white all over but more like splotchy white. He´s grown up and gotten kinda punk. Unfortunately last night, my friend Miguel, crushed to death Casi, the one named after Marcos´s Mum. It was quite sad to see her all smashed up. There are lots of new little babies out, if its cruel to put liquid paper on snails then it must be even more cruel to put it on baby snails. Like piercing a newborns ears..... which brings me to another story. Marcos´s friends Javi & Ana recently had a baby. Marcos showed me some pics they sent him online, when they were still in the hospital and I was shocked to see that, in the hospital, the baby had its ears pierced! WTF I said! The baby has its ears pierced! Little tiny pearls! Marcos tells me this is normal and someone comes around while the baby is in the hospital and asks if you want it done there!!! Poor little new born baby ears! After discussing this with every spanish person I came across in the next few days, they all tell me that all the spanish do it, and its better for the baby cause it cant even feel it! Well, methinks it can feel it. THEN, Marcos went to visit the baby, I couldn´t go for some reason, and when he returned he had MORE freaky spanish baby news.....THEY´D SHAVED ITS HEAD! It seems that baby had unsightly bald patches and thin whispy daggy baby hair... So Buzz Cut for Baby! She looks cuter, and it goes so much nicer with her pearl studs now doesnt it? I couldnt believe this! Then, when discussing it with Ms Mum, she tells me that its normal (in Spain of course, nowhere else where Ive damn been!) and you have to wait till the baby is 40 days old to do it. THERE ARE MEDICAL RULES TO BABY BUZZ CUTS? Well it seems there are. Jeez, so much to learn.

15 September 2008


Little baby Betty has got a tooth! So cute! The liitle alien will be into steaks in no time!