22 January 2007


So I am back from OZ, and it kinda doesn´t even feel like I went it went so damn fast. Lots to do every single day although there was lots I didn´t get to do and lots of people I didn´t get to see, or see properly. I was an absolute time nazi instructing Marcos how many hours/minutes/seconds he had to see whatever particular thing then we were off to the next thing. What was good to know however was that all the people I love still remain the same as did our relationships and I could happily slip back into my old life the same albeit with a few more spanish swear words under my belt. Marcos has confirmed that he will definately go to OZ to live in the near future which is great although if he said he wouldn´t I would just have to slap him around the chops a bit till he agreed.

Oh shit the balls gone over the fence, bit of aussie backyard ballgames.

Xmas Day Morning tucking into some champers with Jodes in our jammies - straight from the bottle.... pure class

Watching a spectacular storm come over the blue mountains.

Bit of palm tree swinging action in the Royal National Park.

Marcos making friends with some cutey little skippy. I told Marcos if it was a big red it would have ripped his eyes out.