30 September 2011

40 Days of Yoga. Holy Sh*t!

I read a quote today that resonated a bit with me.

It may be that when we no longer know what to do, we have come to our real work and when we no longer know which way to go, we have begun our real journey. Wendell Berry.

In this stage of my life I would have imagined that I would be thinking of things like this.

Babies and a committed relationship. Big meringue wedding dress NOT!

But instead I am currently trying to recover from the most painful breakup of my life thus far and wondering where the hell I am. It has really hit me like a cricket bat to the face, I put alot of blind faith into our relationship and never really imagined that it would end like this.  

I have been hitting a few yoga classes and I have found they make me feel centred, relaxed and they help me sleep better, which is troublesome for me at the moment. So when I saw the ad for The 40 Day Yoga Challenge, a very Vancouver thing to do, which starts the day I move out of our apartment, I thought it was a bit of a sign for me. The ad said: 

Yogic science confirms that it takes 40 days to fully develop a new life-promoting habit or to drop a current destructive habit. The Semperviva Challenge is a great way to strengthen the body, unburden the mind, and begin a daily commitment to yourself.

In 40 days, you can create a whole new way of being.

It was clearly speaking directly to me. And what the hell else do I have to do? I would like to create a whole new way of being cause I certainly don't like where I'm at right now. Being sad sucks balls.
I hope to achieve some abs, an unburdened mind and get happy god dammit.
My good friend Amanda D requested that I blog my way through the 40 days of yoga just so she had something fun to read on her new iPad. She has been a good friend to me so I have decided that I will do just that. So hastamananabanana is back. 

So I start tomorrow. And I shall try and blog every day.

Namaste. I'm kidding. God I feel like a wanker when I say that.