6 November 2011

Day 37: Bad Blogger

Over a week without blogging, did ya'll think I fell off the yoga bandwagon? No siree, all is good. There was a nasty little exam last week that meant all my energy was spent towards that and there was no time for blogging. Just work, yoga and study like a good little student. My spirits are up, exam is over and the yoga continues. No big breakthrough, by day 37 I would have hoped to be able to stand on my head by now but I now realise I cannot be amazing at this in just 37 days. It doesn't work that way. :( My only miracle has been to be able to touch my toes and that is the miracle that I am holding on to. Ok maybe there has been another small miracle. There is this pose called "Happy Baby". Funny name, funny ass pose. It looks like this. 
I prefer to call it, "off to the gynacologist" pose
So I couldn't do it before, well I could kind of do it but it hurt like hell. But this week, we had to go into this pose, and I did it, and it felt totally easy. Which caught me by suprise cause I didn't expect off to the gynacologist pose to finally feel like this:

Happy baby! Of course! This lil fella is totally zenned out.
 So I suppose you can call that a little breakthrough. I can't believe I am on day 37 already. It's gone by so fast and has been so easy to incorporate into my life. I realised that every single other "activity" i have ever done I have always been aware of the clock. When I run I check the clock regularly and when I hit my destination or my running time limit I am well aware of the time spent. But the 1h 15m at yoga seems like it flies by, there are no clocks but I am always shocked when it comes time for savasana, I think, "wow, already?" it doesn't drag on at all. This is a good thing!

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