9 November 2011

Day 39: Hatha Ouch!

Tuesdays Hatha class was rough. If I thought I was sore on Monday after my hike on Sunday then I was surely surprised with Tuesdays pain. On Sunday I hiked "The Chief" in Squarmish,( http://www.vancouvertrails.com/trails/stawamus-chief/) about an hour north of Vancouver, on the way up to Whistler. It's a giant rock face known as a outdoor rock climbing Mecca but you can hike a path up the back of it to a peak with an amazing view. It's steep and pretty challenging and at the top you have to use a chain to pull yourself up really steep parts. Going up was fine, but the steepness coming back down was killer on the legs. My knees even started hurting which has never happened to me before causing my hiking pal to say "hurry up grandma knees". So Tuesday I could not walk without pain. And the Hath class that I went to was a challenging one, with heaps of lunges and balancing. Thanks universe. I thought for sure I wouldn't be able to touch my toes but sure enough after warming up the toe touch came easily. We did some plank poses and I actually felt strong in them though I know I have along way to go with the core shit. Core is my greatest challenge, the Sistine Chapel of my body work. If I ever get a strong core, which for me means being able to do a single sit-up un assisted, it's my CC on the bar cause that will be a day for a party.

2 homie be sending comment love:

Kyle said...

Core is where I'm strongest. My arms are sad pathetic little weaklings attached to my body. I've worked on it though and I am better at doing push ups now. Keep going, I'm sure you'll have a strong-ish core in no time :)

Rachel said...

looking forward to your 40th day post, grandma knees! I am proud of you for sticking to your personal challenge, despite having to getting up so early.