26 May 2008

Baby Betty is growing fast.

I know I am still yet to blog about the wedding, its such a big blog to prepare and I just havent had the time...

In the meantime here is a pic of little Betty smiling for her aunty Kristy wearing the TShirt I bought her from Hooters in Vegas. Every new born needs a TShirt from Hooters.

12 May 2008


The word for motorbike in spanish is moto, I think this word is much cooler and we should all start using it instead of motorbike.

SO, I havent blogged for freakin ages because I spent most of April in the US of A travelling around with Mum and then attending Jody´s wedding. This requires its own blog entry so I wont talk about it here just yet but will be coming soon...

In the meantime I thought Id post some of the hilarious pics of me on the moto, as Ive said in previous blogs, my new job is located in a "village" outside of seville. I started by catching the bus and if I didnt already drink regularly, this would have driven me to the bottle, catching buses to the village ever day is so very boring and takes oh so long. Anyway, so a new girl started at my work, and it so happened that she lived near me, had a really fucking cool motorbike, a spare helmet (which I like to call elmut in a german accent) and didnt mind a paquete (package) as they call the passenger here. So for the past 6 weeks Ive been going to work on the moto and loving every damn minute of it. Simutaneously going through my brain whilst on the moto were these 2 thoughts. 1. Im going to die, Im going to die. and 2. This is so much FUN! I mean I really did love it so much! I didnt blog about this before cause I didnt want to worry my poor old Mum who probably wouldnt have slept for 6 weeks if she knew I was cruising up the highway, on a cool moto every morning. In complete defense of my driver, Ana she is no speed freak and is a chilled out and careful driver.

How big does the helmut look on me!!?? Im a lollypop head! Safety frist though, that baby fit my noggin like a glove! Here is Ana outside our village office getting a good possie by the gutter for me to hop on.

I asked my friend at work German (looks like german but you really say his name like Herman, sounds like he would be a nerd but he is really cool - Argentinian!) if I looked like a rock star and he said I look more like a lesbian. Bastard.