9 October 2011

Day 8&9: Saturday & Sunday

Will write about these 2 days together cause I am stuck for time. Have spent the whole weekend indoors trying to get my assignment done that is due on Monday morning. Sunday night 6pm - still working on it. All I have done is study, eat and gone to yoga. I haven't even showered once!

Saturdays class was hatha. I went with my new flatmate and we both really enjoyed the class, it was very chilled out and my back was thanking me afterwards. Sooooo long sitting in a chair writing my assignment. The flatmate liked the class so much she was thinking of joining the studio, she went to work today and told her boss how much she loved the yoga class and her boss informed her that a 3 month perk of the job (it's a new job) is a membership to said yoga studio. She is amazed by this and feel like the universe has sent her a sign!

Todays class was another hatha but this one was a little more active. I like the more active hatha classes. Feels momentarily like you are improving. Though on a whole I still feel exactly the same as when I started. You would think I could get my head closer to the floor in childs pose after 9 days straight of doing it.

My head does not reach the floor like it should. It hovers over the top of my legs...
I am a little teary today. Probably cause it's thanksgiving here and people are celebrating and having yummy dinners with loved ones and I am stuck indoors doing my assignment and don't have any loved ones here anyway even if I wasn't. Stupid Thanksgiving.

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