7 October 2011

Day 7: Feel the serenity

Just did a Yin class and it was probably the most relaxing Yin yet. A mere 7 poses in 1h 15m and holding them each for ages! I feel like I got a good stretch in though and now feel like I have given my body a good rest. I am ready for something more active tomorrow for sure. Walking the 10 blocks home from yoga I saw a car speeding up the street and thought how good it feels not to be in a rush. Just me by my lonesome and feeling good to be going at my own pace strolling down the street.

It may also be a miracle if I don't get sprayed by a skunk walking this route back to my house. I saw a skunk the other day and tonight one popped out it front of me on the path. They are so cute but if I accidently startle one I be in deep trouble.

I don't think even the febreeze will save ya lil kitty.

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