11 October 2011

Day 10: I think I'm getting stretchier

Day 10 and at the beginning of the Hatha class I thought F*ck I am STILL tight and unflexible, you'd think after 10 days straight doing this sh#t I would have loosened up by now! But after the first few initial poses I must have losened up and I felt a significant change. It wasn't really that I was more flexible or anything I just felt a "movement" in the stretches that has never been there before. Like I could go significantly further quite quickly in each of the poses whereas before I would do a pose and that was it, I'm in the pose and that's where I stay. I got in the pose and a few moments later I could push it quite a bit further... interesting phenomenon.
This is my new favourite pose. Lordy that shiz feels good in the hips.
So todays yoga teacher was a bit annoying. First of all she started the class off by saying "One of the things that I'm really interested in at the moment, and something that I have been reading alot about is buddhism" She then pauses for a long time. I probably shouldn't be so mean but HELLO CLICHE. And she said it all in a way that made me think she was going to say something really out of the ordinary like, "one of the things I am really interested in is how some jihadists in pakistan really find solace in yoga after a hard day in the bomb lab". A yogi that is into buddhism...oooh you're sooooooo unique lady. But anyway, I forgave her cause then she started talking about something that resonated with me. I googled the words and found the shit she was referring to:

This word ‘emptiness’ — SHUNYATA — has been very much misunderstood by people, because the word has a connotation of negativity. Whenever we hear the word ‘empty’ we think of something negative. In Buddha’s language, emptiness is not negative; emptiness is absolutely positive, more positive than your so-called fullness, because emptiness is full of freedom; everything else has been removed. It is spacious; all boundaries have been dropped. It is unbounded — and only in an unbounded space, freedom is possible. His emptiness is not ordinary emptiness; it is not only absence of something, it is a presence of something invisible.

This sense of emptiness being a good thing, that it creates a spaciousness and a freedom was interesting to me. It is pretty much how I feel at the moment. Having a broken heart and being on your own again there is a pretty overwhelming constant sense of emptiness. It is pretty common to then try and fill this feeling of emptiness with something, a rebound fling, distractions, drinking, throwing your self into a project. But it is healthier to try and be at one with your emptiness and even appreciate it. Make it into a positive feeling of freedom and spaciousness instead of negative nothingness.

Deep man. Totally deep.

You know who else is deep?
Ha! You put dog yoga into google and dog yoda comes up. Funny.

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