17 October 2011

Day 17: Hell Yeah

Tonight's Hatha class started off with looooots of talking. Then the poses began and the instructor didn't demonstrate any of them just talked us through all the poses. It wasn't as bad as the extreme talker the other night but I instantly thought, great, we have another talker ladies and gentlemen. But actually I really liked her class in the end. She did a few poses that I had never done before so I liked the variety. One of them being standing on tippy toes. That's bloody harder than it sounds man. Anyone can stand on their tippy toes, but hold it for a bit and you can feel the challenge. Leg strain galore.

But the best thing about the whole class was that I touched my toes for the first time in FOREVER! It was well into the class so I was all stretched out and normally I bend my legs during the forward fold poses, and I just decided to straighten my legs and my hands didn't move! Granted I was only touching them ever so slightly but touching them still. Hell yeah! The bendiness has begun!

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