17 October 2011

Day 16: New favourite teacher

Samantha is my new favourite teacher. I think she's the only instructor I've had more than once and I've now been to her class 3 times. Her Hatha classes have a good balance of challenging poses and ones that make you feel relaxed and centred. One of the things I also like about her is that her demeanour is the same during the class as it is after. One thing that I've encountered a few times is that the instructors all talk with a soothing, calm, warm zen type voice. With this you imagine that they are the nicest, most open people in the whole world! Healers! carer! Probably best friends with the Dalai Lama.

Then a few times I've said something to them after the class, asked them a question about a pose, told them that I enjoyed the class and it's totally weird but I have been getting weird, dare I say bitchy, vibes from some of the instructors! How dare I speak to them! It's almost like they look me up and down and roll their eyes at me! Bah!

So far, Samantha is the only one that is completely approachable. I shall save all my yoga questions for her methinks.

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