19 October 2011

Day 18: Samantha has competition

I wanted to go to a Yin class (the super relaxing one) as I have done 11 Hatha classes in a row so I thought I'd mix it up. It's kinda the height of laziness as Hatha is pretty chilled so to take a break with an even more chilled one is pretty lame but whatevs. I need to be chilled man. I am running on high anxiety numbers. But anyway, it seems the universe had something else planned for me. When I got to the Yin class it was super packed. LuluLemon bodies strewn all over the place and yoga mats practically up the walls. And this was Yin! I was stressed just looking inside! So I decided to walk to the other studio, about 20 mins away to do the 7.30 Hatha class instead. When the Hatha class started, Jacqui the instructor said, "some people say my Hatha class is more like a Power class". GREAT I thought, the opposite of relaxing. This lady is going to make me do 100 plank poses! :( Anyway, it was an AMAZING class. So amazing that Jacqui is in competition for being my favourite teacher with Samantha after only one class with her. My muscles were a bit sore and her class stretched the shit out of me. There was lots of plank yes, but I actually felt strong and capable. And I could touch my toes. Again! Yee! At the end of the class she said that she hoped that our bodies felt energised but calm and our minds felt strong & focused. And I must say, that's exactly how I felt. I have been having a bit of a "down" week but this class tweaked something good inside me. Not enough to have me skipping down the street but enough to make me keen for more of this feeling, and keen for more yoga. Bring it on.

I am as fierce as this yoga cat right now man.

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