15 October 2011

Day 15: Mind Fuck yoga

Tonights Hatha class was a little annoying. I pretty much have a different instructor every time I go to a class as I vary my times and studios that I go to, they always seem to be different. Note to self: I will not go back to this instructor. She did not demonstrate one single pose. She walked around the class the whole time talking us through the poses. Some might like this but for me, it meant she was talking the whole time telling us to concentrate on a million different things. I am still a little sick and have been having a sad couple of days so wasn't really in the mood to be confused. She was all like, bend at the hips, heart out, tailbone back, hips square, feet parallel to the side of the mat, what am I, a mathemetician, I am trying to keep my damn hips square, stop confusing me, draw your heels together, wtf, actually or theoretically??, draw heels into the ground, toes up, weight on the balls of your feet, isn't this contradictory? I was like, for godsake woman, you are doing my head in!

And we did about 1000 plank poses. I am hopeless at plank pose and am reminded of this as I am the only person in the whole class that has to drop their knees mid plank for a bit of a rest. Totally weak.

Even bloody kermit can do plank pose!

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