15 October 2011

Day 12,13 & 14: ReCap

Have been absent from blog posting the past few days as I've been sick and all I've been doing is, work, yoga then bed. These were the first days that it has been a struggle going to a yoga class. All I have wanted to do was be in bed. But after draging my sorry ass in there I have definately felt better for going.

Day 12, Wednesday: I did a 7am class as I had  a work event in the evening. It was a Hatha class and it was kinda weird to get out of cosy comfy relaxing bed to just go to a hatha class and get relaxed again. I was relaxed before god dammit but I was in my jammies! wtf! So I can definately see the benefit of doing a more active class like Vinyasa Power Flow for the early morning class, at least it gets you pumped for the day.

Day 13, Thursday: I had just mentioned to someone that I had only had female yogis so far so I was excited to see that the class I wanted to go to after work was a hatha class with Peter. Peter reminded me of my friend Tula's partner Mark, so it was funny to be instructed by him. Canadian Mark. Not much different really to the women instructors, perhaps a little bit of a faster pace.

Day 14, Friday: strangely continuing the theme of male instructors, my Friday Hatha class was also instructed by a guy yogi that looked like a surfer. It's interesting to see the guys that are yogis, the girls all look pretty typical, turquoise jewellery, soft voices, warm smiles. I don't have a cliche what a man yogi should look like so they are pretty fascinating. This guy could have been a snowboard instructor.

I expected to struggle through all these classes feeling so ill, and I admit a few times, in down faced dog I felt like I could probably vommie but in the end I felt pretty good afterwards. Any fatigue I felt in the first week has subsided and I think this week can be characterised by me feeling a bit bendier. I feel stiff in the beginning of class and I am suprised how much bendier I feel by the end of the class.

My new boss told me that he did yoga once, it was called BROGA. He said it was the first and last time he ever did yoga. A bunch of gross men in a room all farting in their down faced dogs.

AKA Broga

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