10 January 2008

More Pics of Baby Betty

Oooooooh little Baby Betty sleeping so tiny and newborn and dang she has a big nose! I had to make the pics B & W cause no amount of colour ajustment could photoshop out the blinding pinkness that is the newborn. They sent me one pic that is just too horrid to put on this blog and it was of her, fresh from the womb and she was purple! And she looked frozen! She scared me. I like her better after she has gotten a bit of fresh air methinks.

Aren´t photos like these suppose to show how tiny newborn baby parts are? Betty´s feet are HUGE! And her big toe is strangely seperated from her second toe! And her pinky is bigger that the toe next to it! For the love of god I hope she bends into shape or get the kid a pair of chinese slippers and bind her up!

Ooh Betty is so cute! She likes having her hands tucked up there!

Such a shame I can´t meet her yet.... will wait till her feet pop into shape and then we can become fully aquainted. I wanted her to come to J´s wedding but it seems Vegas is no place for newborns! Ba! Pokies can be enjoyed by folks of ALL ages!

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Sarita said...


Amy said...

Stop making fun of your niece! What kind of Aunt are you anyway! Although she does have a slightly large nose. The camera adds 10 pounds though. ;)

Mamacita Chilena said...

I want to borrow her for a photo session, she is TOO cute!

And i like that she's somehow managed to do the impossible...turn you into a blogger who updates pretty regularly :P