8 January 2008


I am SO bored. The same thing happened this time last year, when I started this blog, remember, no work to do, sitting in front of the computer with nothing but emails and facebook to keep me occupied. All my time wasters are completed for the day. Read my favourite blogs lavidadesarita.blogspot.com & ohquepasa.blogspot.com , checked and replied to all emails and messages on facebook. NO-ONE WRITES TO ME NEARLY ENOUGH. checked www.smh.com.au for any OZ news, www.perezhilton.com for any wacky hollywood news, www.fotocasa.es just incase any amazing rental properties in seville for cheap as chips happens to pop up (negative) and thats really where it ends, nothing, I´ve got nothing, and now I am really bored. I hope this blog is making you bored too just so I don´t feel so bored alone.

I think I may play a game of solitaire online. Yawn.

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Sarita said...

Sorry you're bored! Maybe if your mum would hurry up and send you Season 3 of Love My Way that would make things better...

Oh and congrats on being an Auntie!!