23 January 2008

Sun brings Joy

Probably thanks to global warming, Sevilla has just had a weekend of blue skied 20 degree weather in the middle of winter, aaaaay! The sun worshipper in me comes out and the feeling of the warm sun brings such joy!!! Oh the joy! Thanks to the sun I just had a fantastic weekend. It at least briefly bought back my normal positive mood as I am currently having a hellish time worrying about job/life/location, which I seem to go through every once in a while. The weekend started with drinks at a bar, where my friend Isabels paintings were being exhibited, I really like her style, check her out at http://www.flickr.com/photos/isarte/ Then we went to dinner at her house along with her boyfriend Paco. (They are both ex-workmates and like my soon to be fate were retrenched not so long ago) We had a lovely dinner, drank wine and laughed when I said the famous line in Dirty Dancing "Nobody puts Baby in the corner" which everyone thought was ridiculous. They reckon that in Spain they don´t have as many memorable one liners from movies. I personally have a whole list of favourite lines from movies, granted most of them are from Happy Gilmore - "I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast." "You eat pieces of shit for breakfast?" and Zoolander - "hansel so hot right now hansel." Paco could only think of "Abre los ojos" Said in a scary voice, which is from the original spanish version of Vanilla Sky. No-one at the table tended to agree with him. In fact even "Hasta la Vista Baby" from Terminator, being a famous one liner for us, in spanish as "Sayonara Baby" doesn´t really rate a mention.
Anyway, on Saturday Marcos and I started swimming! To use the public swimming pools in Sevilla you have to be a member, to be a member you have one chance a year to stand in a line for 4 hours to ensure membership. In our case Marcos lined up in the rain for us, but finally...we are members! Its a very coveted thing and we are so excited. We started on Saturday. For 3 Kings Marcos bought me the whole swimming getup. I have a blue swimming cossie with a pink addidas logo on the front, a pink cap and silver goggles, and god damn I look like susie fucking oneil! Unfortunately I don´t swim like her, but it was fun, and afterwards we walked home in thongs, in the lovely global warming sunshine which washed all my cares away!

Sunday was an equally lovely global warming day, Marcos, who is training for the Seville marathon, went running with our friend Miguel who is also in training, afterwards, me, marcos, maria & miguel went to a nearby village called Carmona for lunch. I have been to a few villages close to sevilla but not many, I really liked Carmona! So pretty! We had lunch in a plaza and then afterwards walked around the streets which looked something like this pic

and up to The Parador which is an old palace/fortress thing that overlooks the countryside. So pretty and a bloody nice day. SUN SUN! BRING IT!!!!!

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Sarita said...

Beautiful pics! I need to go explore Carmona one of these days, have only ever been in passing...

Cheer up sunshine!

Mamacita Chilena said...

The price is WRONG bitch!

It's almost embarrassing how much I love that movie.

Your pictures are gorgeous, btw!

Kristy said...

Ay! I have to confess the pics aren´t mine, stole them from the web, I didn´t bring my camera and was so pissed cause it really is a beautiful little pueblo.