6 January 2008

Los Reyes Mago

So when all the christmas festivities finish in OZ there is still one more to go in Spain.

The Spanish celebrate Christmas Eve with a family dinner, Christmas Day with a family dinner (no presents are given on Christmas day, except for me, when I get to open my presents sent from OZ and my lovely mama.) Then, New Years eve with a family dinner, and finally, on the 6th January, there is the day of Los Reyes Magos, The 3 kings (or wise men) who, as they were the bearers of gifts for baby jesus (baby cheeses) in turn are the bearers of gifts for all the little spanish boys and girls who are good throughout the year.

Their names are Melchor, Gaspar & Baltasar. On the eve of Reyes Magos, there is a big parade that follows a path all over the city, where there are lots of different floats filled with dressed up children in different themes, all throwing out buckloads of lollies to the screaming crowd. And when I say bucketloads I mean bucketloads, the lollies you catch on this day can still be found the following year as you can fill up several plastic shopping bags with the goods. Afterwards, the ground is caked with uncaught lollies and this makes for a very sticky walk home. In the midst of all these floats are the floats of each one of the kings, which brings a screaming crowd, and as the Kings are adults, instead of a 7 year old with a sloppy throw, they are able to throw out a helluva lot more lollies so you can be sure you will get a few in the face from this bloke. Its really quite dangerous, some of the naughtier kids on the floats actually aim and throw with all their might hoping, I suppose, that they just may take your eye out. In OZ that would be a lawsuit for the Harry Potter float waiting to happen.
An upside down umbrella is always a good idea, normally more around than in this pic, but you can see in the air the lollies flying ready to give someone a concussion. (the guys in front of the float are from the band, there is also catchy music playing)

So after the parade, you go home and go to bed, not before leaving your shoe out so that the Reyes know where to put your presents, and in the morning your shoe is surrounded by lovely gifts. I got a cool set for swimming (Marcos and I have just been accepted into the coveted council swimming pool, where you practically have to wait till someone dies to get in) addidas swimming cossie, I look exactly like Thorpie let me tell you, goggles, a pink swimming hat and a matching bag, a basket for my bike, some expensive wine and a pair of wooly black tights. Nice!

For breakfast we eat a Roscón de Reyes, which is like a creamy cake thing and if you are lucky enough your piece will have the little prize that will bring you luck for the rest of the year.

Then of course its lunch, which has now finished and tonight they will show the derby, which is the match between the 2 first devision soccer teams in Seville, which of course is a big deal, Sevilla Vs Betis, Go Sevilla! (I won´t be watching probably sleeping or reading or hanging out on the computer).

So happy Reyes everyone, as of tomorrow the Christmas festivities will be over but tomorrow is the start of the rebajas THE SALES! so that will give me something to cheer up about!

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Mamacita Chilena said...

Happy Reyes woman :)

I hope your strategy to win the prize in the cake was, cut yourself a slice that takes up like 90% of the cake and then tell your man that you accidentally drooled on the other 10% just in case the prize is there. It's a win win situation for you.