6 January 2008

Little Baby Betty Lee

My sister Teeny just gave birth to a little girl!!!!!! She wasn´t due till next week but came out a little early and was born on the same day as the Spanish King Juan Carlos! Well she must be destined for great things.... Her name is Elizabeth Lee (me and my sisters all have the same middle name so my sister is continuing the tradition for the girls) Elizabeth is my Nanna´s name but everyone calls her Betty so I have decided to nickname her Little Baby Betty, I think it has a real ring to it. Well here she is real wrinkly and pink, just born and the star of her first mobile phone pic message. She´s already giving her mother the fists so I think little baby Betty is going to be a trooper.

2 homie be sending comment love:

carrie said...

Ooooh Kristy, baby betty is so cute. Love little alien babies. make sure you say a big congrats to Teeny for me x x x x

Mamacita Chilena said...

she's so little! I want to see more pics of her :)