3 January 2008


This morning my work computer wouldn´t turn on, the IT guy took it away and he just rang me to tell me that everything on the computer is lost. There was a major electrical fault and the "readable" part of the hard disk is damaged. NNOOOOOOOOOO. I had lots of personal stuff on there. (being sooooooo busy at work and all) 100s of photos that I retouched during countless hours free, at least 3/4 of the photos I don´t even have backup at home, all the original files of my sisters invites!! My new CV, there was heaps...I can´t think of it all, I am SO pissed off!!!!! I am sitting here trying to remember the other things I had on it.....Iciar who sits next to me said thats what she did when her handbag got stolen. I feel the same - its my digital handbag, all my things! Gone!


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Mamacita Chilena said...


I screamed it again for you. that's the crappiest crappy thing that could ever happen. I'm so sorry.

I know there is expensive software out there that can recover things sometimes. You could maybe look into that?

senoritakristinita@yahoo.com.au said...

the IT guys were working on it all day yesterday. Its an electrical thing where the "readable" part of the hard drive is damaged. so there is no way of saving it. Argh!