5 October 2007

Snail Family

So my apartment is located in a block that has 2 typical andalucian patios inside, you enter the block through the street door and are greeted by a big beautiful patio, you walk up to the back corner and there is another little patio which sits directly in front of our apartment. Both patios have lots of pots with plants growing wildly, but the one that sits in front of ours has a lot more pots and plants and is more private as we are the only ones that ever need to go through it.

So in the evening we have to dodge lots of slow moving snails that cross the patio in search of a change of scene or a certain someone. YES WE SAW SNAILS SHAGGING!!!!
Anyway Marcos bought home some liquid paper from work and we´ve been giving them all identities so we can get to know which one is which!!! (Is it cruel to paint on snails? I am torn between the correctness of it all!!??) I thought Marcos was gonna just put a small dot on them, 2 small dots on another but when I came home he had already started (its really his idea – I think it may be cruel but I don´t know why so I am enjoying it but keeping away in case the RSPC gets called) and he showed me “Lola” named after a friend from work with a BIG L.O.L.A scrawled over her shell. Poor Lola.

We are mostly naming them after friends except for one poor little critter, that Marcos came in with and said “Look!!!! I named one Mick!!!! And I said “No you didn´t – you wrote Mike” and he said, “No it says Mi…OH NO!!!!!” So now we have a misnamed snail. We named another one Mick though, so now we have, Mick, Mike, (Poor Mike – got the wrong name) Amy, Lola, Tula and one really small one that started off as number 7 cause nothing else would fit but Marcos fucked up the number so now he is called whitey called Marcos just made his whole shell white to cover the mess. Hmmm maybe it is cruel. But this morning we saw Lola and we said “Oh Hello Lola!!!” – Marcos screamed, “Look Kristy, Lola´s out!” Maybe she is the only one that survived the liquid paper poisoning of their sensitive shells?

I asked the people at work if they think its cruel and they all say no way! (They seem so sure?) Iciar, even said that we should use glow in the dark paint instead so we can find them better at night!!! Now THAT’S cruel!!! They´ll be blinded by the neon in their sensitive teeny tiny eyes.

So next Tuesday I am leaving sunny sevilla for my adventure with Tula!!! Can´t wait!!! We are meeting in Paris, then flying to Venice then to Barcelona then back to Sevilla. A girly holiday is going to be great and just what I need before I start the long road to saving for Las Vegas 2008!! (Jody´s wedding) America is expensive!!

I´ll see if I can update on the road! I hope the snails are OK while I am gone.

4 homie be sending comment love:

Sarita said...

Next prettiest snail you see = Sarita please!

Kristy said...

Thats too long!! You know what happened to poor number 7! he is a big white mess!!! Maybe Sara would fit and it could be a misnamed, mispelt sarita???

Sarita said...

How about just an S? :)

mamacita chilena said...

this is hilarious! how big are these snails?!?

I'm picturing like two feet long slimeys crawling around on your patio :)