20 September 2007

Office Partae´s

At work when its someones birthday and they can be bothered to do stuff we have a little party in the office. The birthday person brings food and beer and we all stop for a little piss up. Today it was Ana´s birthday (pictured) and she bought lots of goodies but most importantly the beer. Sorry for the bad quality of the photos, the digi was left at home and I had to settle for a few dodgy phone shots.

A standard on the menu is tortilla de patata, she also had a empanada that her Mama made which was bloody tasty althoough in the pic it just looks like one giant burnt meat pie. The red stuff next to the beer is tinto de verano, which is red wine mixed with fizzy sweet soda. Its the premixed stuff, I am not a big fan, I prefer it made fresh in the bar. We have now drunk all the beer. My boss just pulled out a bottle of Ron Miel (honey rum) so as we speak I am sipping a large glass on ice, its sweet but its still rum, I have no idea how potent it is. Lucky I don´t drive. (Can´t you get pulled over for drink driving on a bicycle? In OZ I am sure you can but here I am sure its OK)

Here is a pic of me getting into the cerveza - a rare sight seeing as I didn´t touch beer in OZ. The ol cruzcampo is a little softer that VB methinks. I am looking a bit spastic and wearing my dress that Marcos calls the "Dolce & Banana Dress" Its very yellow but I likey.


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mamacita chilena said...

Love the yellow dress, it's so fun!

And can I add that your pictures of food are making me SO hungry! My stomach is rumbling, I'm off to the kitchen to eat something not even half as delicious as that spanish tortilla pictured here...

mamacita chilena said...

Kristy, you've been a little slack on your blogging...what's the matter, are you having to actually work at work??

Haha, what a concept :)

Kristy said...

I know! I have actually been busy at work but today its calmed down a bit. I am spending all my spare time planning my holiday, I leave next tuesday so I will have lots to blog about after that!