8 October 2007

Photos of The Snail Family

I would like to introduce to you to The Snail family. After we painted them, the next day we didn´t see any, we were scared we killed them all!! but bit by bit they all re-appeared, and more empty ones just keep on comin!

Here is Bob, he stayed like this for 2 days! He must´ve been really tired, we thought he was dead but on day 3 he was up and moving again!

And whitey!! With the flash he looks like a glowing ball! He is doing some sliding down the leaf slippery slide. Fun!

Lola is secretly our favourite one. She was the first one painted so we have a soft spot for her.

Sarah, we fit your name on one!!! But sorry, you are a bit gross and have left behind an unsightly trail of slime.
And here are a whole heap of them together having a little snooze during the day! Happy snail family!
Last night I saw 2 little teeny tiny ones! Little babies! I named its mother P after my pal Pennie, but I messed up the P, it looks like a lollypop, so Marcos has to fix it, but P is the mother of these little cuties!!! So tiny!

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Sarita said...

Oh I am so touched even tho I leave a gross, slimey trail! Love from the País Vasco! ~Sarita

Amy said...

For starters, I think you have issues. And second, what happened to me?! And what's this about Lola secretly being your favorite?? What a way to knock a snail down. I'll be sure to leave you an even bigger gross, slimey trail...me as in the snail, not me personally.

mamacita chilena said...

WOAH, those mother truckers are almost as big as I had imagined. Is this a special Spanish brand of mammoth snails??? I have never seen any so big in my life!

Melsa said...
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Melsa said...

Heya, I found your blog from mamacita chilena's site - i love reading about her life abroad and all the exciting things she does everyday. But you're a fellow Aussie who looks like she has it made, walking the shadows of giants (snails!) in Spain!! I hope you don't mind but i'm bookmarking your blog, looking forward to the next installment :)