21 November 2006

Farewell (soon) Palacio

Well I am still living in my apartment...not for long though. We were supposed to move out cause the landlords girlfriend got a job in Sevilla. The landlord keeps a "zulu" next to our apartment, which is basically a box room with a bed & bathroom, which he uses when he is in town. So the girlfriend was staying in that until we moved out.... THEN plans changed the day she told her boss "que te jodas" which is a friendly "go f*ck yourself". Understandably she lost her job. So after that we were told we didn´t have to rush so much to move out. We have decided to stay till we leave for OZ (1 month aaargh!!!!!!!) Here is a little pic of the traditional andalucian courtyard that is outside my front door. I sit in here with a little chair to steal internet from someone in the building... Its very pretty and I will miss it when we go.... Farewell Palacio....

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