23 October 2006

Las Americanas

So I joined this "american womens group of Seville" not long ago, at the encouragement of my american friend sarah, its also open to non americans (there is another older Australian from melbourne!), anyone who can speak english, it was just started many years ago by the wives of american army men stationed at Rota. So Sarah also started a spinoff to this group for all the "youngens" in the club and the plan is to meet up once in a while for a big pissup and a good ol time. Thats what sold me, methinks.

So all the younger girls are American, and we are a poster group for the "learning spanish in sevilla" epidemic. All of us came here to learn spanish and all of us now have long term spanish boyfriends/husbands. Actually most of the girl are married, and have been for a while, mainly to avoid the hideous visa/illegal process & associated problems. So we all went out to a few bars in the part of Sevilla called "Triana" drank heaps, ate heaps and had a jolly good ol time. Here is a pic of a few of the girls and me (am eating a montadito . sorry!)

From left to right its Isa, ME!, Hoye, Sarah (the organiser), Amy and Kristen. You can see in front of us there is a keg thing on a table, in this bar each table can pour their own beers, its measured electronically and you pay at the end. there is a screen on the wall that tells you how much you, and all the other tables have had, so you can race other tables. I commented that you could never have this system in OZ cause we would drink like $2000 worth of beer, un-knowingly and then go - shit I don´t have that much money.... it would be very dongerous.

So Marcos just got back from a boys holiday in Sweden, here is a pic of the little hottie diving into sub zero temperature water like the psycho he is. He´ll do anything for a good shot.

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Cave_Girl said...

Kris.. we are back in action. So awesome to hear from you and stay tuned for my silly blog...coming to you v v soon. Glad to hear things are looking up for you. :)

Cave_Girl said...

ps Beautiful shot of Marco!! xx