3 October 2006

Watch this space

Not me looking perplexed.

I so could be fired....Ok maybe thats a little dramatic, what´s it called when your boss decides to close down the whole creative department (me) but gets you another job in his friends studio?? Am I fired/transferred/retrenched?? I know one thing - I´m being passed around like a crack whore. This information has just come to hand today so watch this space for more info.

3 homie be sending comment love:

tareena said...

my sister the crack whore... im sooo very proud

Porgie said...

Hey Kris :0
Am loving your blog silly :)) Have some good news from my end.. I got a job in Egypt for two months photographing dig sites...just think of me dressed like Indianna Joans with a camera.
Love, Georgie xxxx

porgie said...

ps Really hope that you don't end up a crack whore.

g x