2 October 2006

12km....and I am ALIVE!

So I completed the run...12km and I am still alive...only just! There was approx 10,000 people, and only 500 of them were women! What a disgrace! At the 9km mark I really though I left my real feet back with the 8km marker guy. Of course my borrowed sneakers didn´t help. Marcos ran with me all the way, even though he could have probably finished it in half the time. He didn´t trust me and knew that I would escape to the nearest bar. Here is me at the started of the race with Lola and during the race, at approx the 4km mark.

The pressure was on in the last 3kms cause the car that goes last - don´t know what its called, wasn´t very far behind! I didn´t actually come last but i wasn´t very far off it. We had to finish in 1 1/2 hours to collect the goodie bag and be allowed to finish at the official finish line which was inside the olympic stadium and I finished in 1h 28mins. Just in the nick of time.
Here is me at the finish line.

As well as the mistake of wearing borrowed shoes, I really didn´t chose my choice of attire with much foresight, as I wore my "comfy" shorts, which literally at every step fell down exposing my undies, which in turn started to drop. At first I tried to keep them up but then got sick of constantly holding my pants. Many a helpful passers by noted this with an "excuse me do you know that you can see your bum/undies" YES i said, but there ain´t nothin i can do about it...I´m just trying to breathe OK. My fame as a professional sportwoman was also noted over the weekend with people saying to Marcos´s parents, "i saw marcos in the race, he was running with a girl with a REALLY red face" Here is a pic of my really red face and the medal of a champion!

Josh and Sarah have arrived! Great to see them and it seems that 3 years hasn´t past at all. We have a week of flamenco, eating and checking out the "australian" stand at the Feria de las Naciones (Nations Fair), which should be interesting and good for a laugh!

Much Love

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Sarita&Pepe said...

Welcome to the world of blogging! Congrats on finishing the race...my face definitely would have been that red and I probably would have been exposing my rear end as well so don't feel bad. Who am I kidding, I never would have even finished. Ok, see ya in a few hours! Un beso!