20 October 2006

Jobless AND Homeless

Its been an unlucky couple of weeks. my company has decided that as there is not enough creative work coming in that they are going to concentrate on offering only a marketing service and that means no more job for kristy. the job that I was supposed to be going to turned out to be all just a bit of hot air. so now this is my first official week of unemployment. To make being unemployed being just that much more fun, our landlord told us that he wants to move back into the apartment, so we have our notice and have to start looking for a new place.

so no job, no home. Thank god Josh & Sarah have been here to drink away the pain. They leave today after 19 days here, a decent stretch, and we´ve had some really good times. those kids are great. They arrived after 3 months in Vietnam, Thailand, Turkey & Greece so the first few days were spent resting and washing everything they owned. We went for a weekend getawy to Portugal. In which many hours were spent lazing on the beach reading such top quality literature as the Jordan biography. here is Josh with his book of the year, looking mighty damn happy with himself at finishing such a challenging read.

The book was actually given to me by Bec (thanks mate) who loves trash just as much as me, the book is actully really funny, though I don´t think that´s its intention and a real insigt into the life of a page 3 girl, I have no doubt that everything in it is true as no human would make themselves look like such an idiot by lying.

On the Saturday night we stayed up till 5.30am drinking red wine and playing the card game "shithead". The next day sarah cursed herself for listening to me that wine that cost 1.75euro was actually really good as she had the hangover from hell. She claimed it was her #2 worst hangover in her life - I felt good so something tells me she just needs to go back to drinking school. We went to the beach but sarah couldn´t even manage to get into her swimsuit, see pic of sarah in summertime black head to toe.

Josh and I got into some seafood at this cute little restaurant in an equally cute little village on the way back to Spain.

Me being unemployed was good news for Josh & Sarah as that meant I could go on a few day trips around Spain with them in their last week. We went to Málaga to see the new Picasso museum which was a little disappointing as there was no big famous works there. We went to Ronda a cute little village which has really pretty views, here is josh and me looking probably more excited than we should be on the bridge of the gorge in Ronda.

And then we went to Jerez to do a tour of the Sherry cellars there which are famous in Spain and sold all over the world. That was quite fun - everyone loves a cellar. There was one bit where they told us that there were lots of mice around the cellars as they like the sweet wines, and they had in one cellar a little setup of a bowl with a tapa of tortilla and a glass of sweet wine with a little mini ladder going up the side. This was of course for the mice and on the walls they had photos of the little guys climbing up the ladder to drink the wine! It was so cute!!

Back in Seville we spent all our time drinking. (Here is me with Josh drinking a beer the size of my head. He was a very happy aussie)

and continuing the "shithead" championship which everyone was now addicted to. The prize was a little wooden bull that I named the "Fran Rivera Toro Cup" and in the final games was won by Sarah. The cup is named after, Fran Rivera, he is my favourite bullfighter, he is a complete hottie and looks great in those tight little embroidered pants.

Adios Amiguitos!

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