3 October 2011

Day: 3. Lengthen the spine-ah

Let it be said that I have NEVER done any exercise consecutively 3 days in a row. I have already hit a personal best! Yay for me!

Hatha today. I like that no 2 hatha classes are really the same. Depends on the teacher and where they decide to focus on that particular day. Todays teacher wore jeans to class (wtf!) as she said she couldn't be bothered to change into yoga pants. Totally weird. And she spoke at the start of the class and her voice was all normal but when she got into the class her voice started to change and went from being normal to dramatic and deep and she would end her words with an extended ah! not aaaah but more like ah! So instead of saying breathe she would say breathe - ah!  Lengthen the spine - ah! It got kinda humorous to me and I wonder if anyone else noticed it. But her crazy speech was forgiven cause her class was really challenging, lots of core work and hip stretching. Hip stretching! Hallelujiah! I didn't even know my hips were tense but holy jesus they felt good to be stretched out. And the plank. The plank kills me. If I can comfortably do a plank by the end of the 40 days I shall buy myself a pony.  I can do them now but I have to put my knees down in the middle and I feel like I may die of a burst aneurysm during it.

On my walk home I went and had a look at the view across the street from my new apartment. It was a nice chilly Vancouver afternoon. A nice view to end my yoga session before heading in for the night.

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Sarita said...

I can already sense your Namaste-dom.