2 October 2011

Day 2: Ouch my knee

Today I did a hatha class which I really enjoyed. One thing that is a bit of a pain in the ass though is my sore knee. I completely stacked it while carrying my bed into the new place. Fell off the side of the path to the front door, dropped the bed into the bushes and scraped my knee against the concrete. It got bloody and bruised and I cannot put any pressure on it. So it's makes a few poses in hatha impossible. I hope it heals quick.

My body was a bit tender from the yoga yesterday, mainly in the back of my legs and arms (damn kundalini arm waving) so all the stretching poses actually felt really good, and afterwards I felt jolly and nimble. I was running late to get to the class and I rushed there so I also really enjoyed the relaxing breathing poses to get me to feel centred again. It's funny, the "savasana" the last pose you do in yoga, which is basically lying flat while they put soothing music on, was a pose that used to make me anxious. I didn't like sitting still like that. It felt un-natural and forced. But now I love it. It's kinda weird and I could easily do that at home  (I don't), but in that environment after the whole class it's a great way to end and I really feel myself feeling light and relaxed.

This is what Savasana looks like. This lil doggie is lovin it!

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