22 October 2011

Day 21: Yin

Yin. Meh.

The slow stretchy one. I was bored today. All the stretches hurt! WTF! Day 21, I am supposed to be bendy dammit! Does my lesson in patience need to go on forever! Aargh!

We totally did this pose today. It looks awkward but is really quite comfy.

2 homie be sending comment love:

Rachel said...

oh, so I DO do yoga! every night from about 12-7, most of the time pretty much in that same pose.

Your bendy dreams will come true, all you have to do is keep doing just what you are already doing. Ánimo guapa!

Kyle said...

I am so not slow and stretchy, that sounds like a torturous day. You've got to be far more slow and stretchy than you were when you started though, so chin up :)