21 October 2011

Day 20: Halfway!

20 days straight! I simply cannot believe it! What I can't believe even more is how easy it's been to incorporate into my life. Well, ok, it's not like I do much else with my time, single, not a stressful job, not many friends, in that respect it is understandable how easy it is. But more, how effortless it feels. I always tried to exercise before yoga and it was always like peeling myself off the wall Dali style.I like that this doesn't feel like it requires any effort to get my ass there. I have no doubt the next 20 days will be a cinch and can't wait to see what changes will occur in my body. Strong but flexible, that is my mantra. I want to feel that way both mentally and physically.

There was a special halfway class last night at the "big" studio. I never go there so a class without 5000 people in a small room was good. Like the intro class it involved all 4 types of yoga that they offer there. Yin, Hatha, Power Vinyasa & Kundalini. It was on a bit later than the usual class I would go to on a work night and as I was pottering about at home the new flatmate came home with a bottle of red and FORCED me to drink some with her. With a couple of hours to burn I couldn't say no so I went to yoga a little tipsy. Drunk yoga is not good for balance let me tell you. There were quite a few balancing poses in the Vinyasa part and I was all over the shop. But drunk Kundalini yoga is actually quite fun. It's that crazy dancing arm waving one, still don't think I will get into a whole 75 mins of a Kundalini class but it was fun to dance around for 10 minutes at the end of the class. It made me feel like fame.

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