2 October 2011

Day 1: It's not very namaste to hate the instructors.

The move out of the apartment was horrible and am really glad it's over. I literally left our apartment for the last time after moving all day and went straight to the first yoga class. To kick off the challenge there was a special class for people embarking on the 40 days. It was a class that included all 4 types of yoga offered at the studio, yin, hatha, vinyasa & kundalini and instructed by 4 different people. So here is my rundown:

Yin: is the relaxing yoga, deep stretches held for longer periods. Nice. I've been to Yin a few times before and I quite like the style. The classes I've been to are usually the last ones held at night and they dim the lights. I have slept like a baby after these classes.

Hatha: is more posey, doing the typical yoga moves but in a relaxing way that concentrates on making sure your posture is correct and you hold your pose with strength and precision.

These two types of yoga were no surprise in todays class. I have never done the other types of yoga before and quite frankly they were a little bit whack.

Vinyasa: To start off the the instructor annoyed the hell out of me. She was like an american game show host who tried to shove her namaste down your throat in her tone of voice and dramatic way she expressed the poses. If you can imagine a cheerleader instructing yoga, that's what it would be like. I didn't mind the vinyasa style per se, a more active version of hatha but I shall experiment with another instructor before I make any final judgement thanks.

well, fucking hell, this shit was ridiculous. The instructor was so tanned she seriously looked like a burns victim and I really try to love all people and their choices in life but I just don't know why you would fry your skin like that, I lose respect for you, you tell me to make a commitment to myself and my physical, mental and emotional health and you are a fried chicken wing? Lady please. And I haven't even started on the yoga yet. It basically involved some movements where you squatted then stood and screamed some crazy language, another movement reminiscent of the New Zealand haka (bro) and then about 15 minutes of dance music straight from DCM circa 1996 where she instructed crazy jumping, dancing and hand waving. I got into it, cause there really was no choice but seriously, I can already tell kundalini is not my thing, I thought I was going to tear a ligament in my arm with so much hand waving. And this was just for 20 minutes. Imagine a class that goes for an hour!

I did feel good afterwards though. Before the class my spine felt a little pinched from carrying things in the move but afterwards it felt good.

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Kyle said...

Why try to love all people and their choices in life??? Some people's choices are just...stupid. To say the least.