26 May 2010

In Canada my hair doesn't have low self esteem.

When I was living in Australia my sister stayed over one night and while she was having a shower she shouted out to me "Jesus Christ, your shampoo has low self esteem!" She was right, my shampoo did have low self esteem, it was for "normal, dull and lifeless hair"! My poor hair! Normal could be a good thing, but teamed with adjectives such as dull and lifeless, normal means boring, and normal ain't good. And the other thing was, after using this shampoo for a long time, my hair actually liked it, but would my hair EVER not be dull and lifeless, shouldn't prolonged use make my hair shiny and bouncy? This shampoo was taking me for a ride. I would never break free of this psychologically abusive relationship.

In the end, all I needed to do was move to Canada. Here, my hair is free, my hair is happy and no one is talking smack about my hair.  In Canada, the same version of my shampoo, is for "normal hair that needs body". Well that's a little nicer, normal, but with just a little bit o body. Throw a bit of that Canadian optimism into it! Advertising that doesn't drive you to drink! My hairs feels so much better about itself now.

And Canada is so gay friendly! They even have milk especially for homos! I love homos, so I always make sure I buy this milk. And every morning when I get the milk out for my cereal I say "Yay for homos!"

It's not cold yet, but when you are not used to fashion in sub zero temperatures you have to keep an eye out for interestings items. This is on my fashion "wish list" for 2010. I found this on the internet but can't seem to find where to buy it!? Maybe I need to learn how to knit. I must have this!

So many of my friends are pregnant right now, when looking for interesting gifts online I came across this gem.

You CANNOT sit there and tell me this doesn't look like the comfiest, happiest baby you've ever seen. And Mums looks happy too! Everyone wins! Don't you just want to smooch this little alien right on it's freaky white forehead?? I sure do!

4 homie be sending comment love:

Kyle said...

I was formulating a comment to tell you how much your hysterical comments on Canadian merchandise make me want to move to Canada...until I saw the last photo! OMG, freeeaky!

But sure, comfortable. I'll give you that :)

Dave said...

I didn't know Rapey the Rape Clown was selling his balaclava.

Yikes...that is freaky!

LiLu said...

That face mask is the scariest thing I've ever seen. Heath Ledger should've worn THAT as the joker.

Madame Bellicose said...

OMG that hat (?) would look lovely on you. Oh, and the futuristic unborn smiley child outfit? Perfect for any mom to be. They could put it on and see if the child poked it's head out early.