13 May 2010


The biggest north american discovery so far has been craigslist... pretty sure it exists in Sydney and Spain but it seems to be bigger here. I am mildly obsessed with the "free" section and love looking at what goodies people want to get rid of. It's especially good as it seems, like in Sydney, the city charity stores here charge crazy prices for crappy second hand goods. Just cause it's pre loved don't make it an antique people, or retro, or worth more than you would pay for the same thing new in shops. My previous list of salvation army bargains was from a suburban store, where you could still find plenty of bargains. Any store closer to the city seems to be run by people smoking crack and their prices are completely whack (rhymes). But now that we live here, and are without car, furniture at the suburban salvos is out of the question. Yes I live near the city, but I am still poor, and only here for a year or so, and Craigslist "free" has become my new live in lover.

Sometimes craigslist can turn against you. This happens when your boyfriend finds a "free" TV that is so large, so ugly and so offensive to all your senses, yet he thinks it's cool. Then one day when you are out trying to get a job to feed the family, he goes and gets it, and when you get home it is there, hurting your eyes and confirming that any coolness you once had is now obsolete. I present you, the TV.

Yes that's me standing next to the TV so you have an idea of size. Yes the remote control next to the nintendo is the same width as my head. Yes that is an old style nintendo, with super mario bros that we actually paid money for, cause apparently nintendo is retro and you do have to pay for that shiz, but it's cheap entertainment. Yes that is me in a onsie 80s ski suit, looking pretty proud of myself cause $10 for that thing was a serious bargain.

Probably the worst thing about the TV is the fact that it doesn't actually work unless you are playing super mario bros. Seems that when B got the thing home, turned it on, there were no channels, and then some Canadians tell us that you don't get free TV! You have to pay for cable TV along with your internet. Well, we don't actually watch much TV and really only wanted the thing to play super mario bros. So we won't pay for TV cause we hardly watch it, but then what is the damn point of having such a giant TV I ask you? There is no point. And B is better than me at Mario, and I am a sore loser. Stupid TV.

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Tim said...

Awesome ski suit! and Ben has taste, that is an awesome telly, I love it. I'm actually very jealous of your TV.
There must be free to air TV stations in Canada surely? Here's a wiki list,
Maybe all the Vancouver ones have gone digital already? anyhoo, cool adventure! have fun!

hastamananbanana said...

Hmm. I shall check this out. The TV may not be useless after all.

Glad you like the ski suit. More pics to come, Ben recently wore it in the snow! It was so tight on him and made his crotch look... interesting...

Leanne said...

Craigslist is taking off here too, been having lots of fun trawling through the Melbourne site. That is one massive mutha of a tv! Are you starting to worry about Ben's interest (obsession seems too strong a word at this point) in purple?

hastamananbanana said...

He has always had a penchant for socially unacceptable colours. I knew what I was signing up for. :-)

Benji said...

There's no friggin' way that tele is going to pick up digital channels. When it was made, a pixel was a dwarf in a colourful hat!