9 November 2008

My new favourite Spanish name.

Okay, so spanish people can have really funny names, in case you didn't already know, the spanish have their first name, which are very commonly double barrelled, and they take their fathers first last name, and their mothers first last name. If somewhere along the line there has been a notable last name, they can also continue it on, if they damn well please, using both of each parents 2 last names, then grandparents, great grand parents etc etc until your name is longer than the passport queue at a London airport.

Until now, my favourite name has been Maria Jesus de Todos Los Santos. (Mary Jesus yes that is actually a woman's name Of all the Saints). I don't know why this is my favourite, I just heard it once and thought it was funny. When Maro & Sing, the aussies who lived here, went back to Australia, I tried to send them jamon (cured ham - a spanish delicacy) in the post, it was an air sealed plastic wrapped package, i though it might get through. On the "sender" part of the package I put that it was from Maria Jesus de Todos Los Santos. The jamon didn't get through. They got a note from customs saying that Maria Jesus de Todos Los Santos was commiting a crime by sending meat in the post.

So although I've known my friend Maria's full name for a long time, I've never really thought exactly what her name translates into english. My friend Maria, who rocks by the way, mentioned at dinner the other night that people used to laugh at her name when she was at school. Then after discussing why, I realised that yes, she has a really fucking funny name. Its Maria Isabel León Carrillo del Albornoz. Which translates to Mary Elizabeth Lion Little Cheeks of the Bath Robe. HELLO! HILARIOUS! How have I missed this excellent name of my good friend Maria? The only time I've even really seen her last name is on her emails, and the last name is so long I didn't really pay attention. So much time has been wasted with Maria Jesus de Todos Los Santos being my favourite! How has this little gem of Maria's name been right under my very nose the whole time!?

Even just having the word Lion in your last name is cool, not to mention Little Cheeks of the Bath Robe! Crazy shit!

7 homie be sending comment love:

Erika said...

Hi ya, you made my day!!!i'm still pissing myself laughing...nothing beats "Mary Elizabeth Lion Little Cheeks of the Bath Robe" The best name i've ever heard...love it.

Craig - Adelaide, Australia said...

Hey Christie,

Craig from Adelaide here. I find your blogs about life in Sevilla interesting. Haven't seen anything in awhile(?). Would be interesting to to find out what Christmas is like there. I'm interested in checking out Spain some time in the near future after I graduate uni and finally free to see the world.

Kristy said...

Hey Craig, no posts for a while cause I have actually left spain after breaking up with my boyfriend... time for a bit of recuperation in sunny sydney. I haven´t felt up to writing much. Spain is a fantastic country and one that sometimes gets missed when aussie's visit europe which is a damn shame. Sevilla is quintessential spain and a very special place! If you end up going to spain be sure to message me and I´ll give you all my top tips! xx

LiLu said...

I'm jealous. My little Scotch-Irish name seems so boring now.

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