10 September 2007

Isla Magica

On Saturday we, (Me, Marcos, Isabel, Domingo, Maria & Miguel - the dinner party couples gang) went to Isla Magica - A theme park - The Australia´s Wonderland of Spain which is conveniantly located in Sevilla. We went cause Maria got free tickets, otherwise I would NEVER pay the 25 euro fee - highway robbery! Most of us had never been before and we thought we would spend a couple of hours there and then go and have some tapas back in Sevilla centre - but no...., we arrived at 1pm and stayed till midnight!!!!! MAN IN WAS FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now normally I don´t like scary rides, back in the day of OZ Wonderland I went on EVERYTHING but being prone to the odd panic attack and scared of dying I didn´t think I would fancy most of the rides.... especially "The jaguar" a rollercoaster where you are attached above your head instead of underneath you so you are kinda hanging there (shoes off!) and it goes upside down at alarming speeds. Can you believe I went on this?????????????????

Maybe it was because I absolutely hate waiting around so the thought of waiting for everyone else to line up while I waited impatiently was much worse an idea than any of the rides. I went on everything. Fun Fun Fun! It was a damn hot day so we got right into all the water rides and wet t-shirt competitioned it around all all day.

One thing we went on was like a train thing where you went through like a pirates ghost house and had to shoot targets.... I came 2nd, at least 20 shots ahead of the others making them question if in Australia we are trained with guns!!! Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi!!!!
It was like having a wonderpass all over again - rides are FUN! We did feel a bit embaressed being of child bearing age and going around without child, as there were gazillions of families there. But oh well.... can´t say no to a free ticket and to a heart attack inducing rollercoaster ride!

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Sarita said...

I LOVE Isla Mágica! But the Jaguar makes my brain bounce in my head - not cool.