5 September 2007

The Crazy Family

So I thought I´d dedicate this blog to Marcos´s lovely family, who for the first time since Marcos and I have been together, are all in Sevilla at the mo. Marcos´s sister Irene and I call them "The Crazy Family" (said in english in a strong spanish accent), cause when they get together things can get crazy. Not in a funny ha ha crazy type of way, more in a mental asylm we need group therapy type of crazy.

Here they all are (minus 1 who doesn´t do family social functions....don´t ask) in our little courtyard drinking some mojitos I prepared. They don´t normally drink to excess with beer & wine so Marcos and I like making cocktails - stronger than your average and watching them get a little loco. (in a funny ha ha crazy type of way). It could be illegal tricking people into drinking too much, disguised by the sweetness of sugar and craploads of fresh mint but do these people look scared? For the love of god thats one TANNED family! damn those spanish olive skinned people to hell! If I was in the pic I´d look like a big tomato red face. spot the foreigner!

So let me introduce you to everyone. In order of age.

El Padre-The Father
Luis AKA Luisito (which he HATES but we call him anyway)

Don´t be fooled by his unwillingness to smile in photos, he really is a happy friendly guy. Actually from the north of Spain in Cantabria he spends lots of time in "el campo" (the bush) on his land doing god knows what but coming back with honey (he recently made a beehive!), almonds, chestnuts & figs. He famously once made his own perfume which no-one else could stand but he covered himself it it claming parfum genius and during a discussion about what year they went to Morocco he once pulled out the money exchange receipt from 15 years ago in a matter of minutes. (To win the discussion of course).

La Madre - The Mother
Casimira AKA Casi

Don´t be fooled by those baby blues this lady will spear tackle you if you don´t stay for lunch.
She has the eye of sherlock holmes after once saying to marcos that she knew we went to the house while they weren´t there cause there were tracks (what am I, a bear?) on the floor from me wearing no shoes in the house and fingerprints the size of our fingers on the table (what is she, C.S.I?) . She likes to be forced into shots of liquer and can often be heard saying, "no marcos, not another one, I´m dizzy" then sipping Marcos´fathers while he is not looking.

AKA Marquitos, Amorcito or Amore in an annoying italian accent.

Has a penchant for pulling faces and making jokes until sometimes people can´t stand his voice anymore.
Likes watching movies in subhuman quantities and avoiding getting his drivers licence. Eats 3 packets of Kikos (bbq flavoured toasted corn) in 17 minutes (he times it - not for speed but he has eaten 3 packets of kikos in a row so many times he knows exactly how long the delicate process will take). Slightly obsessed with mopping and killing bugs in the apartment. (often at the same time).

AKA Ruben

A nurse, probably the coolest nurse you´ll ever see apart from on ER. Lives in Lazarote in the Canary Islands. Was almost unrecognizable at the airport on arival a few weeks ago as last time we saw him he has short black curly hair.
Has lived in Italy, speaks fluent italian and also the italian language of fashion with spiffy over the top outfits.

AKA Irene

Marine Biologist (or something like that I can´t translate what the hell she does!) who works in the aquarium looking after the animals and breeding rats to feet to the snakes! Gross! Mocks me constantly saying "Feliz Navidad" in a really annoying voice cause thats all I knew how to say (or dared say) the first time I met the family. Can´t speak english but she memorized a whole monologue in perfect english about the penguins for the foreign guests at the aquarium without even knowing what the hell she was saying. She lives in Las Palmas in the Canary Islands and has also lived in Italy and speaks fluent Italian.
She laughs at my jokes so I like her. Once she got so tanned you couldn´t recognize her features for being blinded by her teeth.

So thats it. The Lastra Fenutria "Crazy" family. They´re a nice bunch and Casi and Luis, god bless their kind hearts, look after me alot, even if its in the vain hope that I will give them a granchild soon (Lucia that is - Casi has already given it a name and she talks about it as if it exists or is likely to happen soon. When Lucia comes.... etc etc!)

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Sarita said...

You crack me up, lady! Sounds like your suegro and my suegro would make a great team. He also refuses to smile for the camera!

Too funny...love your blogs, chica!

Stacy and Bruno said...

Sounds like they're a lot of fun! I especially like the mother saying no to more booze then sneaking it on the side! Classic!
I also enjoyed "cuando venga Lucia..."

mamacita chilena said...

hahahaha, I really enjoyed this post! your family sounds good and crazy in that way that only latinos can be...same as my in-laws here in Chile! I think you've just inspired me to do my own post on them :)