18 September 2007

Birthday Weekend

Its Tuesday and I still feel like I am recovering! What a huge weekend for little ol 29 years Kristy...

Mick an aussie in London, was coming to visit for the long weekend. He arrived on Friday night at 10.15pm and after arriving back from an 8 day work holiday from south africa only the night before - he was in no real mood for a party but he soldiered on as only aussie´s can and came out to meet all my friends for drinks at Cafe Central in Alameda, which is a small bar that gets so packed everyone spills out drinking onto the street and is only a hop skip & a jump from my house. God Damn we had a fun night! Of course can´t remember much of it and all of my photos are me with isa, me with the americans etc etc. get ready for lots of me with ... photos! Is it me or do I have exactly the same smile in all photos? and why didn´t anyone tell me I had an annoying hair across my forehead? friends eh.
Here is Mick with Marcos and me with Mick - there´s that dastardly hair!

We started the night with a mojito at my place and continued with vino, beer and tintos (red wine mixed with soda or lemon drink a quick substitute for sangria) at the bar before quickly swapping to caipirinhas - as they didn´t do mojitos at the bar. (to cheap for mint - thats what I call palces that don´t serve mojitos)
Here is a pic of me with Isa, who I work with when there is that drink crossover when you find yourself with a warm glass of wine and a fresh caipirinha, don´t worry fellow aussie´s I didn´t let anything go to waste...

A few of the lovely americanitas. we have an "americanitas and one odd aussie" event coming up which will be sure to be fun. Sarah, the proclaimed leader of the "americanitas and one odd aussie" gang so kindly named me the one odd aussie, I requested it to be changed to one hot aussie but odd seems to have stuck. fuckers.

L-R Rachel, the newest addition, Sarita, Tiffany and me....with that HAIR! Argh! The photo was taken by Tiffany´s husband Luis who derserves a whatssup cause he´s so sweet.

Maria and Miguel, lookin mighty guapos, who yáll (is it the ameican influence?) might remember from last weekend´s trip to Isla Magica and the dinner party group. They are a fun (and damn good looking!) pair.
and.... the funnest gang from work... and 2 of their boyfriends.
L-R Isa, Reyes, Iciar, Jorge (Iciar´s man) and Adrian (Reyes´ man) Adrian
I almost got into a bit of fisticuffs when Adrian claimed that I spoke spanish like Victoria Beckham, considering she can´t actually speak spanish I almost had him in a headlock. We made up, I can´t remember how but there are no black eyes so everything is rosy.

Hey almost forgot Amy, my lovely americanita pal who gave me phone credits for my birthday!!Gold! She is clearly sick of me having not credits!!! I´ve never had so many credits on my phone! Its time to text it all away!!
She has superhuman white american teeth and a tan that says "I didn´t work all of august" She doesn´t do anything on Sunday´s ever which she calls "gods day" and she respects this day by staying in her pajamas and watching sitcoms all day. And she really does do this. "Wanna go to the movies?" "Sorry i really can´t - its gods day" I have now taken to using this phrase. Its a fantastic excuse to do nothing.
So after the Friday night drinking bonanza, which was held on a Friday night so that I wasn´t hungover on Sunday for my actual birthday - who´s plan that was I do not know (mine) cause we ended up going to a BBQ at Eric´s house (another american, pal and design client) for his flatmate Amelia´s birthday. I reluctantly let the focus off myself to enjoy a rooftop BBQ with lovely food - although lovely Amelia had 2 cakes and decided to share 1 with me so everyone sung us happy birthday which was nice - me me me. There was vodka consumed and we ended up at home at 4.30am and with a hango
ver the next for my actual birthday.
We went to the beach for the day which was fantastic as the weather has been a bit rainy this week and you get the feeling that summer is on the way out, so it was nice to get some sun & sand. I left the pics on my laptop so I will upload them tomorrow. A lovely & relaxing day.
I had Monday off work to spend it with Mick, we hired him a bike - one of the new sevici bikes that are in little racks that are popping up all over the streets of sevilla and we rode all around sevilla, past the cathedral...through the Parque Maria Luisa, a beautiful park in the middle of Sevilla....

We were supposed to have lunch in front of this lovely church in Triana (a neigbourhood across the river in Sevilla) called Santa Ana....but the bloody thing was closed. Lots of restaurants close on Monday´s.
So all in all it was a great birthday weekend. I am bloody tired and as I went to the beach on Sunday and missed gods day, I think it will be gods day every afternoon this week and I will be catching up on some lounge time......

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Sarita said...

Yay for your birthday weekend! Love the pics. And come on, you have to know you're a bit "odd". :)

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

The wayward hair must be a spanish thing because if you didn't notice Isa had one too.

In any case at least it took the focus off your lazy eye.

Your loving sista

Effie said...

I loved your birthday weekend!! Sounds like you had so much fun!! The pics are great!!