31 May 2007

Funny Street Names

There are some really funny street names here.... if I ever get my ass into gear I´ll take some photos as proof but some examples are:

Calle Niño Perdido - Lost Child Street
Calle Jesus de Gran Poder - Powerful Jesus Street
Calle Amor de Dios - The Love of God Street
Calle Descalzos - Barefoot Street
Calle Virgen of the Reyes - The King´s Virgen Street
Calle Escarpin - Pointed Shoe Street
Calle Amargura - Bitterness Street
Calle Mata - Kill Street
Calle Hombre de Piedra - RockMan Street
Calle Cristo del Buen Viaje - Happy Travelling Christ Street

Love it! I wish my street name wasn´t so boring.....

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