29 October 2011

Day 27: Cheerleader Vinyasa Power Flow

Day 27's class I decided to try a Vinyasa class as I was feeling chirpy and felt like something a bit more active. My new flatmate is a Yoga freak, I rarely see her at home, in fact, I've seen her more times at Yoga than in the house. Anyway, I remember her saying to me that she really liked Crista's class, but I remember that Crista was the "cheerleader yoga instructor" from the first intro class so I have kinda avoided her classes. I decided that I would give it a go anyway just in case my initial judgement of her annoying cheerleader tone and exagerated movements was unfair.

Her class was packed, she was clearly popular. Thankfully, although she retained a bit of a cheerleaders voice, she wasn't as bad as in that initial first class. But her class was very challenging and there was heaps of arm balancing poses that I was not even close to being able to achieve. And when googling images in order to demostrate what the poses were and how hard this shit is, I get images of an 83 year old woman doing them! What!!?? How weak am I!?

"The Crow" I can't do this and risk cracking my head open on the yoga mat but I feel like with a bit of practice I may be close to getting it. Yeah totally.
Headstand, It looks easy, cause we all did it as kids, but kills your head, neck and arms. You actually start this one with your feet on the ground. That's as far as I got. I might join the Sikh religion. wrap my head in a turban next time for extra support.

Grandma is totally showing off here. I hate her.

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