25 June 2008

Summer Pool Party

Its freakin hot here! After a slow start to the hot weather we´ve had 2 weeks of 38 deg weather...and the forcast is that temperatures will rise due to a saharan wind comin on in! I mean really...saharan wind!? I remember my canadian friends once telling me about the "arctic wind" that freezes the shit out of them if it comes their way, and now we have a saharan wind... hold on to your sunscreen people we may get fried. It reminds me of that scene in Terminator where the people spontaneously combust at the park. I hope that doesnt happen here. So yes yes, pretty damn hot, horario de verano (summer working hours) havent started yet (8-3 workday) and I am astounded every day as to why the hell sevilla doesnt have any more damn public pools. In OZ, we are surrounded by the sea, heaps of people we know have swimming pools and most suburbs have public swimming pools. Seville has public swimming pools but they are indoor and generally only for exercise. You cant swim in the river (throw in a bit of chlorine I say, who needs the fish, we need WATER!). You can drive 1 hour to the beach but every other person in seville has that same idea so the traffic to/from the beach on any weekend is outrageous. I am on a quest to find a hotel that will let me use their swimming pool... I am on the case with a few of the americans and with a few low cut tops and extra clevage we hope we can convince some fool to let us laze by the pool. (Seville is empty in summer, why not!?)
One of the rarely seen americanitas Deidre, but she calls herself Isa cause the spanish cant cope with Deidre! (she just had a baby and lives in the country so we dont get to see her much) decided to be kind to all us sufferers and have a pool party last weekend! Heaven! The pool party was held in Sanlucar la Mayor a village 19km outside seville.

If there wasnt so much spanish tiling covering the outside of her house I would have been able to pretend I was at an aussie BBQ. We drank and ate all day and played with the cutie little newborn Roberto, or Bobby his american AKA.... look at this cute little fattie boombah!

Here is Sarah looking very Marbella lazing in the pool with a very not marbella botellin of Cruzcampo.... the spanish stubby of choice.

We were very careful mixing such safe drinking in the sun combinations such as beer, pimms and lemonade, champagne and rasberry juice.

For dessert, the americans introduced me to an american summer camping tradition of S´Mores, they claim to be called this cause you always want some more.... so first you toast marshmallows in the fire. (I felt like I was in an american movie doing this....fun!) you try not to burn it, mine was black in about 3 seconds I put right in the fire no one told me there was a strategy...damn americans! You wait till the marshmallow is to your liking (black) and then you pair it with a slab of chocolate between some graham biscuits to make a chocoalte and marshmallow sandwich... it is tasty but kinda disgusting at the same time.

Im at work now and my workmates just came in and said that the street thermometres are saying its 44 deg! Jesus Cristo! I might have to start wearing a turban! Ok I dont know if turbans fight the heat but all the middle eastern dessert dwellers are always wearing them so it may help....

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Bluestreak said...

It's so F-ing hot! I am so in on the cleavage-pool plan. I don't know if I'll be able to provide the cleavage though.

Mamacita Chilena said...

I vote YES on the turban plan and then more YES on the plan to post pictures of you in a turban on the blog...oh wait, that wasn't an option you say???

Hope you get a little respite from the heat soon! We're in the middle of winter right now so I'm not going to lie, 44 degrees sounds appealing since it's unfathomable at this point in the year.

Anonymous said...

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