18 March 2008

Chilean Dinner

This dinner was actually celebrated a while ago but naughty Maria just sent me the pics... These guys are my "spanish friends" I have other spanish friends and workmates but these guys are my favourites! L-R Domingo, Miguel, Marcos, Me, Isabel & Maria. I have spoken about this crowd before. Domingo & Miguel both ran the marathon with Marcos (freaks!). We often meet up for genearl revelry and we also take turns having a "themed" dinner at each couples house. Themed meaning that we chose a country and cook up a storm. Maria & Miguel had just gotten back from Chile so they went spaz at the supermarket in Chile and bought things for the dinner on their return. We drank Chilean red wine and Pisco Sour cocktails (Yum!) ate clams and a spicy salad for entree, empanadas, corn soup and yummy lamb cutlets. This pic of us was taken just before Marcos spilled his whole glass of red wine all over the tablecloth and his and the 2 spare emapanadas. Cant take him anywhere. And look at me, dang Ive got the shoulders of a front row forward with posture issues. I had to make the photo B & W cause my face was just so red. damn red wine. Its our turn for the dinner next and we have a New York themed dinner in the works, (in homage to our upcoming USA adventure!) including Cosmopolitan cocktails which these spanish kids have never tried! The Horror!

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Mamacita Chilena said...

mmmm, pisco sours! I hope you thought your almost Chilean friend while you drank up!

Anonymous said...

I would love to have your menu. I am planning a similar event for 8 in January and have only decided on pastel de choclo! Thanks for reminding me about pisco sours.



Anonymous said...

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