26 December 2007

Christmas Lottery

No I didn´t win, OK, I went in the draw with people from work and I did win 6euros but that hardly counts as winning the lottery. Ok let me just say, the Christmas Lottery draw in Spain is SO SO SO bizarre and confusing. Its called El Gordo The Fat One. Its the biggest lottery in the world giving away up to 2 billion euros (though not all at once).
A whole ticket billete is very expensive, costing 200€. However, these tickets are split up into ten decimos (tenths/ten seperate tickets) costing 20€ each. When buying your tickets you have the choice of buying a single decimo, a whole ticket, or a fraction of your choice. If you don't buy the whole ticket, someone else will buy the rest of your ticket.
THEN on Dec 22, the draw is televised and it has been written to be "the most boring and monotonous TV show in the world" cause it goes for 5 hours non-stop, the balls drop, a number and then a prize amount, little kids who strangely are orphans of Madrid's San Ildefonso school take turns in chanting (yes chanting, not speaking, saying OR singing) the winning numbers into a microphone, they all chant the same way, in the same tone and believe me the tone is WEIRD! Its so weird I had to get this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJdpIXah6mE from you tube to show you an example of how it sounds, believe me I can´t undertsand what numbers they are chanting but they chant about 2000 different numbers and 2000 different prizes so it all turns into a big blur after a while. In the video the kids are walking over to the cameras to say the numbers for the last 3 times cause its a big prize, They say it 3 times when they draw it, but if its a big prize they also say it to the judges 3 times and the cameras 3 times. I mean you just want to shoot these poor orphans!!! They are so annoying!!!

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Sarita said...

Dude I was so hungover and left the TV on all night so of course the kids were chanting during my drunken morning snooze on the couch and I swear it gave me nightmares! Hey at least you won 6 Euros. I think we spent close to 150 € on tickets this year and won NOTHING. Highway robbery, I tell you. El Gordo, my ass.

James.hille said...

I believe if I would have read this blog before I would have bought the lottery tickets to win the Euros..I will try this after some time..