31 October 2007


Madonna Mia! So the next stop was Venice, and after a fantastic time in Paris, Venice had a lot to live up to. Oh its beautiful and all, but I am not quite sure we even saw any Italians! I don´t really remember it being that way last time I went, but we seemed to be constantly surrounded by tourists no matter where we went. And OLD tourists at that! We found ourselves saying "where´s the cool bars?" like a couple of nerds looking for a party that they weren´t invited to. It was nice to relax a bit after a pretty busy time in Paris.

When I say relax I don´t mean yoga and meditation, I mean more like sitting in Campo Santa Magarita watching the world go by whilst sipping on several tasty beverages. Here we are in said campo with an olive from said beverage.
We realised in Venice that we had both packed rather stupidly, more for a carribbean beach getaway than for freezing autumn weather. I left Sevilla with still 30 deg tempertaures, thinking that the temp couldn´t vary that dramatically in a neighbouring country (wrong).

We had an AMAZING meal at a recommended restaurant, so authentic that the menu was only in Italian (OK so at this place there were Italians...and thats IT!) and we didn´t understand a word. And so authentic that the bitchy waitress wouldn´t help us chose!! We realised after lots of charades that the meals were for 2 peope to share so we got ourselves a big mother plate of this spagetti scampi (someone else was eating it, throw the menu away - no comprendo!) a big jug of wine and of course, the only italian dessert that never disappoints - a heavenly panacotta. (which we STUPIDLY shared thinking we were full and may I note here that I looked away for one second at Tula had inhaled far more than her half in one scoffing - bitch).

Here we are so proud with our yummy spagetti scampi.

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mamacita chilena said...

that pasta looks INSANE. And I want it. Where can I find a restaurant like that in Chile???

Kristy, you are suck a lucky girl...Paris and Venice...you're living my dream!!! I'll be emailing you when we take off on our big trip around the world to ask you where all the hot gringo grandpas hang out at in Venice.

Kristy said...

For sure! I always keep the details of any favourite places I go to forward advice for fellow travellers. When travelling you can spend half a day looking for a decent place to eat/drink. Its good to be loaded up with some recomendations! xx

Giovanni Belle said...

Hi Kristy ! how do you like my mother land ?? No really, motherland is Aus.. but my mothers mothersland :) haha Hey dont want to seem up myself.. but you spelt Venezia wrong in your title ( venecia ) .. take the c away and ad a Z ! easy peasy like david campese