3 July 2007


J&B Nightology electric hotel, the new and suprising summer J&B event, will tour Lisbon, Sevilla, Madrid, Barcelona A Coruña Valencia during June, July & August. A unique and unrepeatable event, where reality and fiction meet. Extravegant characters, unexpexted situations and moments convert the rooms of each chosen hotel into an unforgettable experience.

Am very excited cause we have been trying for the past month to win tickets to this party Nightology Electric Hotel, its a party put on by J&B whiskey, you can only win tickets by getting codes when you buy a J&B whiskey at certain events in bars around Spain, with which you have to go online and entre in your code and see if you win. The website is an amazing 3D hotel which you can also navigate like a game, collecting points until they give you a code to try your luck. Its quite addictive considering we don´t even know where the "electric hotel" is going to be and don´t really know what its going to be like. All we know is that its a hotel with 200 rooms to party. It sounds like fun to me. When you win, you get 2 tickets, there is 4 of us who want to go, a few weeks ago we won 2 tickets and then just last weekend we won the other 2 - just in the nick of time. we are so excited! Its on Thursday (weird!) and we have just found out the location today, it seems to be in a 5 star hotel not far from the train station..... I´ll be updating soon with photos!

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